Balance… a point where you feel yourself in perfect ease. You move with ease and fluidity, your muscles are strong and flexible, your joints feel juicy and oily, your digestion works efficiently, your breath is open and free, you sleep like a baby, your mind is quiet and focused. Inner peace is radiating in each of your cells, and you bite in life with smile and compassion.

We all dream of this state, sometimes reach a few points, lose them again, get them again… Balance is not a fixed and rigid state. It moves, slides, dances. Balance is a subtle game between trials, discoveries, loss and gain.

I like to seek it, try, experiment, fall and practice humility, bounce and sparkle with light joy.


A space where you can feel yourself and come bold and safe. Step by step, you will learn how to live at ease in your body.

I like to see the body as a castle, with a lot of rooms. If you would live in a castle, would you know each room, would you like the decoration of each room, would you feel a good energy in each room?

When you practice SylFit, you discover some corners or rooms that were not used, or not in a good state. You go everywhere in your castle, and you switch the light on.

Everywhere, in each room, from the basement to the attic. You learn to appreciate each space as it is. Maybe some parts of your castle don’t feel as good as you would wish they could be… too big or too small, cramped, full, dark, messy. Little by little, you change tiny details, you open a window, light and fresh air comes in…

At SylFit, you don’t foolishly try to make your castle look like those “perfect” palaces idealized by ads, tv, movies and magazines.

You create a state of ease and comfort. You make your space warm and sweet. Cosy and unique. It is what we call “feeling at home”.


1 hour of gentle love for yourself.

We start with a warming up. Feeling how your spine stretches, how your shoulders find more freedom, how you create space inside your body and mind. Let all your worries and fears at the door and enjoy a pure moment for yourself.

We take the time to breath properly, let our lungs and ribcage open, give our bellies some attention. Feel how your chest opens, feel that space in your pelvis.

Specific movements, exercises, poses follow. The class unfolds in a natural, organic way. Alternations of contractions, stretches, allow your system to be more fresh, juicy, oxygenated. A flow of energy runs through your body and clears your mind as well.

We work in standing, sitting and laying positions. Using scarfs, soft balloons, bodyweight, to train in an efficient and safe way.

No competition, no comparison, no need to follow a model. You participate according your own limitations and energy level.

SylFit, a matter of confidence and respect…

For more than 25 years, I instructed fitness and movement. Mostly to women. What I usually notice: the stress and tension in faces and bodies. Often from the fear of being judged, being not good enough, on or off the mat… Here is the space where you feel safe and accepted.

Respect is what we value most. Respect for the person, respect for the body and its limitations.
You deserve attention and you can get it. Because of the small groups with no more than 7 women. You start where you are at this moment, you follow your own path. To find out more about your body, your home.