Summer week 2014 in France

Inner Fitness Summer Week on Island in France

When? September 5 (Friday evening) – September 13 (Saturday morning), 2014.

Information evening: Friday evening, May 16, 19:00-21:00, Lijnbaansgracht 173, Amsterdam, free.


On a tiny French island, situated in the South of Bretagne, in the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s an almost uninhabited island.
The small village on the island Houat counts only 280 inhabitants.
Outside the high season you hardly see any visitors.
You can walk for hours without meeting anybody.

Almost everywhere you can spend your time freely, in the wild.
You can climb, enjoy great sights, be blown out, be in silence.
Or enjoy a great beach or little bay all by your self.
Take a look at the photos and videoclips of Houat.

Quiet and safe

Cars, scooters, and motorcycles are prohibited on the island.
The total traffic consists of 2 small transport buses, 2 station cars, 2 tractors, a car of the doctor & nurse, a truck of the fire brigade, and 1 or 2 mopeds. That’s about all the traffic…
Even bikes are rare!
Almost everything is done walking.

Except for a mowing machine once in a while, the only thing you hear: the ocean, wind, seagulls, and silence.
Noise pollution, light pollution and air pollution are unknown here.

The largest part of the island is protected nature reserve!

Healthy program

Every day you can freely choose what you want to do.
Nothing is obligatory.
These are parts of the program:

  • SylFit fitness training for strength and conditioning
  • Yoga, sun salutation, moon salutation, earth salutation, stretching and movement for greater mobility and flexibility
  • Five Tibetans (Tibetan yoga exercises)
  • Mindful walking
  • Dance
  • Healthy cooking atelier
  • Inner Fitness Meditation, mindfulness, relaxation
  • With lots of time for sleep, walking, sun bathing, eating, resting, doing nothing, massages (there will be a masseur)
  • Swimming and aqua fitness for the courageous ones, as the water of the Atlantic is cool…
  • Extra: chi kung (Chinese fitness and energy training). You (or your partner) can participate in all (or parts) of Robberto’s Chi Kung summer training. Focused on grounding, energy, building soft strength, body awareness.



  • It happens on an island in France.
  • About 45 minutes by boat from Quiberon, on the South coast of Bretagne, in the Atlantic.
  • About 1.000 kilometers from Amsterdam.
  • You can get there by car+boat, train+bus+boat, airplane+train+bus+boat, bike+boat, or your own yacht…

Wonderful training locations
Depending on the weather, we train at different locations.

  • In a beautiful, spacious hall with wooden floor – centrally & quietly situated in the village.
  • On a beautiful meadow with ocean view.
  • In a wind protected valley.
  • Or on one of the 12 beaches.


  • If you book your train ticket exactly at the right moment, it is very cheap. The ride is quite comfortable.
  • You have a wide choice of accommodations:
  • Very cheap & spartan at the camping
  • Comfortably in one of the 3 small hotels.
  • Or in one of the little houses or apartments that we selected. If you share one with other participants, it will be inexpensive, very comfortable (with laundry machine, kitchen, etc.) and you have most freedom.

Dates of the summer training:

  • Friday evening 5th September to Saturday morning 13th September 2014.

You can bring your partner, children, dog…
As always: all nationalities are welcome.
The trainings will be in English & Dutch.



Please let me know a.s.a.p.!
Or register for the training,
or for information about future weekend & week trainings

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