Settle for inner peace: drawing workshop

draw and find peaceBeside my bodywork activity, I also love to express my desire for peace, quietness and light, through painting, drawing, collages and little books.

In our center, in the room beside the space where we train, I’ve created my own space where I can really unfold my creativity. I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to share this experience with my participants. That’s how “Settle for inner peace” drawing workshops were born. About one time per month, on Sundays, we sit together in the big room, transformed for the occasion in an art space, we experience the joy of playing with colors, water, brushes, collages,  but also ZIA (Zentangle inspired art).

art workingtable1art workingtable2supplies

We experience so much joy together doing this! Everybody who likes to play with paper, pencils, colors, images, Glu, and thinks that drawing is too difficult, is warmly welcome! Because during this class, we don’t want to produce something beautiful. I mean, it’s not the first goal. Our purpose is to experience inner joy, and the genuine pleasure to be rooted in the present moment, playing with supplies like a child. The result is not so important (actually, the beauty of this process is that usually, the result is finally beautiful).

It’s always very interesting to see how things happen during this process. You start with a desire for a certain color, or a certain form (spiral, circle, flowers…) or a certain theme, you act in this direction, but you never know where this desire will lead you. At the end, you get very often something different from what you expected. So it’s interesting to have no real expectation, just let go and see where your joy will lead you.

artists at work1artists at work2artits at work3

Workshops are taking place at our center, Lijnbaansgracht 173, on Sundays, from 14.00 till 17.00.

It costs 25 euro, supplies are provided. If you come for the first time, you will get a set of Sakura micron pen, pencil and some papers, in a little homemade fabric bag.