lemon and ginger

On this sunny morning, I went on my bike, to buy some fruits and vegetables. I preferably go to the market or little shops, and try to avoid supermarkets. On the way to our fitness center, in Kinkerstraat, there is a nice, lovely, little Turkish grocery, where I go very often. The owner is just kind and smiling, always positive. He works hard, really, 6 days per week, from 6 am until 8 pm. The first time I went there (a bit by chance, a bit because his shop window is gorgeous), I was nicely surprised by the classical music dancing in the air. Outside was the busy kinkerstraat, inside was an ocean of quiet. I promised myself to come back. I prefer to spend my money in this kind of shop, for this kind of person.

I was not there for a while, due to my flu. I was putting all my groceries in my basket, talking gently with the owner (I don’t know his name, pity…) and he asked me how I was. I told him I was ill for a while. He brought my basket to my bike, as he does very often, and suddenly, jumped again inside his shop. He came back with a big smile and in his hand, a lemon and a piece of ginger. “Do a tea with that, he said, with a bit of honey; really good to kill the bacteria”. I smiled back and thanked him warmly.

You know, it’s simple but so precious. Back home, I took a picture of these two guys, because they are special. They are a gift, and I don’t doubt a second in their healing power. This gift is just pure love, generous gift from Nature and from this man.

Each time I go to his shop to get some fresh vegetables and fruits, I get more than food. I get the warmth of a human being, the power of a man who never complains, who always gives more than his professionalism.

We exchange almost always (when he is not too busy) some nice words, some delicious and simple recipes, some nice stories about little, simple, positive things in day to day life.

It’s a long time I want to write about him and his nice shop. Today, with the magic of the sun, the subtle feeling of being again healthy and strong, and his gift, it was the right day.

His grocery is on Kinkerstraat, at the corner with DaCostakade.

Enjoy your day friends!