Personal fitness training…

something for you?

✓ Strengthening your back and abs without pain or injury
✓ Feeling more energetic, healthier, and in better condition
✓ Building stronger legs and buttocks
✓ Increasing your flexibility, mobility and balance
✓ Developing a better posture

This is tempting… but your schedule is full and your time limited. The fitness center is too far away. Or over crowded. You don’t like loud music. You don’t like to follow a rhythm, with a teacher with a loudspeaker. Especially when it is not your rhythm… Machines, weights, it’s not your thing. Nor booking for one year when you know you will stop in 3 months…

Sounds familiar?

…Then personal training with SylFit in Amsterdam is something for you.

Comfortably at your own home. That way you save a lot of time and energy. Especially when it rains or storms.

And mostly, you benefit from a personalized training, designed for your needs and limitations. With session adapted to your needs at that moment:

✓ low energy
✓ excess of stress
✓ occasional pain or injury
✓ special situation (pregnancy, Parkinson’s disease, diabete, rheumatism…)

You can look at personal training in several ways:

Short term:
Do you want to install a new habit, a routine, that benefits you for the rest of your life?
Or do you need specific support at a special moment of your life?
Then start with a package of 10 lessons.

Long term:
Do you enjoy weekly personal sessions, during a year or longer?
Do you want to develop with steady support of a teacher?

Whether you choose a short or long term training, I will be available for you. With advice, positive attitude and special attention.

SylFit has an original approach. Its keywords: joy & respect. I deeply believe that improvement of your condition or habits comes with joy and pleasure. Certainly not with pain and suffering. Together we set your goals. Then, gradually, in a smooth and sweet way, we achieve them together. You improve your physical awareness. With soft but deep exercises. Powerful and thoughtful. In a smart way, without excessive fatigue.

Personal training with SylFit is a journey to more well being. We enjoy the process as well as the result. 


1 x WEEK

Pricing1(per session)

2 x WEEK

55-euri-Sylfit(per session)