Discover the very source of your inner power!


Pelvic Power from your pelvic floor. What and where is your pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor (or: perineum) is a group of muscles at the bottom of our pelvis.
Most of us don’t know much about this mysterious and vague area of the body.

Good to know:

✓ both men and women have it

✓ it plays a crucial role in supporting our lower organs: bladder, uterus, and rectum

✓ located at the bottom of our torso, we can see it as a basis, a door, a place of exchange between our inner & outer world

When you train with me, you benefit from the teachings of one of the top pelvic floor specialists in France: Blandine Calais-
Germain. I trained with her for several weeks. Coming from the world of dance and physiotherapy, Blandine developed an original and interesting approach of training the perineum.

You will appreciate this approach if you dislike static, boring exercises, and prefer movement and sensory awareness.

Caution: This 12 lessons course does not replace the reeducation sessions taught by physiotherapists or midwives. Consider it as a complementary or alternative approach.




✓ like to improve your understanding and posture of your body

✓ recover from delivery (minimum 6 weeks after)

✓experience menopause

✓stand a lot

✓ work with carrying/lifting weights

✓ have overweight

This method benefits every stage of your life.

This training feels very safe. Because you always stay dressed during the class, and we don’t use any intimate touch.

You can attend a collective or a private session.



Get a clearer picture of your perineum:

✓strengthen and relax it

✓be able to recognize situations of pressure, that endanger your perineum

✓react positively to these situations of pressure

✓ reconnect to the roots of your body

✓improve your sexual life

✓let energy flow again in your whole pelvis

✓improve your general posture

With a powerful and flexible perineum, you will be able to sneeze, cough, laugh, jump, yell, sing and run safely (again).

The course in 6 points:

1. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, alternated with relaxation, suppleness and coordination.

2. Discovering the perineum with sensory work of the pelvis, pelvic floor and the areas around.

3. Frequently changing positions to modify the action of gravity, to increase circulation and proprioception (inner perception of the body).

4. Playing with various degrees of pressure (or no pressure at all) on the perineum with breathing, spinal movements, arms and legs movements and inclined exercises.

5. Stretching the perineum with special movements of the pelvis.

6. Moving the hips and spine asymmetrically to increase awareness.   

All these points will be taught in a course of 12 sessions, 1 hour each. In small groups, with tools like scarfs, balls, chairs. We also use pictures and a pelvis in 3 dimensions, so you will have a complete understanding of how it works.


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