The village…

villageThere is one village at Houat. It’s a very small one (about 300 inhabitants live there), with the shops you need to spend a comfortable stay during your summer retreat.

A tiny bakery (with really good “croissants”), 2 little “supermarkets”, a nice shop with clothes, gifts, jewelries…, a market on the Wednesdays, with vegetables from the gardens of the island. Shops are not open the whole day like here. You need to really know their schedule, usually between 10.30 and 13.00, and from 17.00 to 19.30. Before going to your fitness, yoga or chikung lesson, you can do the grocery of the day. The bakery is open at 8.00, you can enjoy a nice breakfast before your training.

The houses are usually quite small, and cute. Painted in white with bright colored shutters… very often with the famous blue of Bretagne. Flowers everywhere, and narrow streets.

It’s very enjoyable to have a walk in the evening, after the training. The light is beautiful, and the atmosphere quiet. And enjoy a drink at the bar in  the center of the village, or at the one build on  the cliff, directly above the harbor.

I have this nice memory in my mind, walking in the village for grocery or whatever, and always meeting one of the participants. Because everything is so small, it’s easy to meet by chance, and have the occasion to hug and talk a bit. Sharing this precious moments of peace, in an amazing environment.

The summer retreat is a great opportunity to socialize, build new friendships, but also experience silence and space.

housebarbakerylittle streethouseblue doorlight blue doormoon