cliff and ocean

The little cliff, in front of the wide ocean… Down to the left, the harbor, a very cute, tiny one. With maybe 10 fishermen’s boats.

From this cliff, you can embrace the whole horizon, enjoy the sun rising to your right, the sunset to your very left side.

On a hot, silent afternoon, you sit on the bench, for a meditation. Early in the morning, before you go to your morning Sylfit class, you can stay there, enjoy the soft breeze wrinkling the surface of the water, and observe the swallows dancing in the pink sky.

In the evening, you look at the boat welcoming the passengers with bags, luggages and tanned skin, leaving the island. And in your heart, you feel this subtle space opening softly: you stay a bit more, it’s not your turn yet…

harborlines of boatslittle boatsunset