Do you feel tired, stressed, hypersensitive? Do you experience mood swings, poor digestion, bad sleep? Would you like a new start? An occasion to create new habits? A time just for yourself? SylFit Detox is something for you! SylFit Detox is a great occasion to pamper yourself, connect with other women, in a cosy, safe and warm place. Everything is made to support you in this wonderful and unforgettable experience.


✓clean body and mind

gain extra energy

get rid of toxins

boost the digestive system

learn tips to relax

create new healthy habits

✓discover new recipes

✓give up old patterns

✓ set up new intentions


We take a whole weekend to enjoy the process.

– The week before, you will receive per email recipes, tips, and articles, to prepare for this wonderful me-time.

– On Saturday and Sunday afternoon, we dedicate about 3 hours while we will do breathing exercises, detox poses, strengthening and stretching exercises, mudras (gesture of hands) with visualisation, meditation and a long relaxation. We will enjoy a detox tea and share our experiences.

– You get during the weekend extra documents with inspiring routines, as tips to deepen your practice and improve your well being. And some goodies to make life sweeter!

These two days support you in the detox process. If you decide to participate, please really take this weekend just for yourself. Don’t plan anything else, don’t work or go out. Plan for lots of sleep, rest, relaxation, reading, listening to music, doing nothing.


✓ Women only

✓ Taught in English

✓ All nationalities welcome

✓ Total cost, including the 2 sessions, documents and tea: 75€

If you are interested, please contact me and I will organize a session, minimum 2 participants.