Hello, I am Sylvie Boireau!

I was born in France and I have been living in Amsterdam since 2006. As far as I remember, I was always the one who wanted to teach something, to transmit a message, to protect the little one. I was used to take care. I was used to lead. I had strong beliefs  and an amazing energy. I was very physical, always ready to run fast, to jump high, and mostly to dance. Also always ready to draw, paint and create. But this is another story ;-)… I lived half in this world, and half in my world…

… Well, I must say, I pretty much remain the same now.

In between, I learned a lot, took a lot of classes, in all kinds of fields, dance (classical, contemporary, African), yoga, gymnastics, relaxation. I followed my studies in the CREPS of Bordeaux, and got certifications as a fitness trainer (Brevet d’Etat d’Educateur Sportif 1er degré, Brevet d’Etat Activités Physiques et Musique, Diplôme Universitaire Activités Physiques et Musique). I learned much more than fitness, as my teachers were fond of dance and music. I discovered the world of drums, music theory, rhythms, choreography… It was the beginning of my path. Since then, I give classes, went on learning new technics, in different trainings but also on my own: yoga (Sivananda, Kundalini, among others), ayurveda, yoga for menopause, Tension Release Exercices…

I moved to the Netherlands 10 years ago. I felt immediately at home. Here my creativity can unfold in a natural way. I enjoy the patchwork of cultures, languages, lifestyles. I decided to dedicate my work to women. From all ages. From all nationalities.


During my first 15 years, I had the occasion to work with all kind of people… children, teenagers, men. From the bodybuilder to the busy businessman, without forgetting the student, the retired… and with women. From the shy teenager to the executive woman, from the young mother to the less young… I realized that we, as women, need to be more aware of our bodies and our feminine energy. Much is required from us in society, and we give so much also! We share female energy, many tastes and interests, and often have similar problems and “weaknesses”. So we require special attention and specific approaches. To learn, experience, discover and develop.
So… when I moved to Amsterdam in 2005, I decided to dedicate my work to women. Ladies from all ages and nationalities.

How can I help and give the best of myself in one hour of training?

Working with women, I focus on their concerns and problems and dedicate my time and my energy to them in order to meet their needs.

Beside that, we enjoy moving  together, in a safe and quiet environment, without any seduction, pleasing, or comparing. Without fights, fears or disappointment. Supporting each other. We are just among sisters, and it feels so good!

Many years working only for women led me to become more and more specific. I’m constantly learning.  Right now I follow a range of trainings in France focused on pelvis, pelvic floor and breath, the source of our core energy.