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"SylFit for more strength, flexibility and balance"

“Welcome home! I’m Sylvie! Together, let’s celebrate freedom, lightness and balance between body and mind!”Lotus-SylFitMy work is a constant quest for more balance, seeking for inner state of joy and lightness. Each class is a celebration of the feminine body and the female power. Come and join the SylFit journey…




✓ Increasing your flexibility, mobility, and balance

✓ Keeping a healthy, strong and flexible pelvic floor

✓ Strengthening and toning your belly, buttocks and breast

✓ Developing a better posture

✓ Developing your overall physical condition



Monday: 9.00-10.00

Tuesday: 9.00-10.00 (Energy Sylfit)*

Wednesday: 9.00-10.00

Thursday evening: 19.00-20.15 (stretching and yoga nidra)

Friday: 9.00-10.00

Saturday: 10.30-11.30

All classes are taught via Zoom!


Connect with me and ask for the codes!



Are you a busy woman who finds it difficult to have time for exercise? Do you feel uncomfortable working out in a noisy and crowded gym? Do you have physical limitations or just want to do personalised exercises for your body? Then I would be happy to be your personal trainer!


On Sunday 25th of September, we meet again for a nice live session!
If you are interested, here are the details:
At WG terrein (near Lab 111) Ketelhuisplein 47, bell « Grote zaal ».
Sunday 25th of September, from 14.00 to 16.30.
15€ per cash or bank (S. Boireau NL40INGB0004390781  side note: sunday workshop).
What to bring?
A yoga mat, a plaid, comfortable clothes, your scarf. For those who don’t have one, you will get one as a present at the class ! A cushion is optional but nice and handy.
Something to drink and eat if you like.
We will do a class at 14.00 until around 15.15, then we’ll take some time to relax, and socialize, enjoying warm tea and treats. Feel free to stay just for a bit or til 16.30. The idea is to enjoy each other’s company, in a relax way.
– If you feel sick, coughing, plese stay at home. Covid is still around us.
– If you were in contact with someone who turned out to be sick and are unsure, please do a self-test before joining.
– Wash your hands upon entering the space.
Happy to see you  on Sunday! 🙂


“I’ve been a very loyal client of Sylvie’s over the past 2 years. I make a point of going to her classes whenever I possibly can, because I always feel so much better afterwards. Groups are small, there’s no stomping, loud music and Sylvie provides just the right amount of exercise for my muscles, combined with breathing and stretching exercises, and of course, the “final relaxation”. There is a lot of yoga involved, even if she doesn’t advertise her program as such. She takes any personal constraints into account and will tell you how to adapt any exercise of them. Exercises vary from one class to the next, so it never gets boring, but there are usually many “old acquaintances” among the exercises that you will come to love as your mastery of them improves. Classes are held in a charming mixture of English, Dutch and French, and on some days, finish with a nice cup of tea. My day is always lit up by Sylvie’s boundless positive energy!” -B. SylFit-Amsterdam-OrnamentPurple2

“Five minutes after I’ve taken the decision to start a  training for working out my weak points, Sylvie’s flyer landed in my email box. At that point I really could not ignore such an amazing coincidence, so I’ve immediately subscribed to one of Sylvie’s classes. Since then 10 years are gone and Sylvie’s classes are now a milestone in my life for keeping my body strong and health and my mind free of stress and external pressures. I went through two pregnancies and Sylvie, with her focused exercises on the belly and the pelvic floor helped me  to regain quickly my shape and inner balance. Sylvie is a skilled, sensible and thoughtful trainer and she has the power to make each workouts challenging and fun at the same time!” -Michela- SylFit-Amsterdam-OrnamentPurple4

“The class is informal and relaxing. It’s a nice chance to meet new people in my area. It’s very conveniently located. Instruction is good, and the exercises simple enough to easily do at home.” -J.

“The class does help me to relax and makes me more aware of my body and posture.”  -Jane SylFit-Amsterdam-OrnamentPurple3

In all honesty Sylvie is the best personal trainer I could wish for. She is a veritable workout-encyclopedia, able to adapt her training to perfectly suit my needs, so I can improve my overall physical condition without overexerting or injuring myself. She always gently pushes me to go just that little bit further! I have been training with Sylvie for 6 years now and all throughout this time she has been a constant support and inspiration for me in achieving a better health. Recently I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 and I was advised to lose a significant amount of weight. Sylvie has been instrumental in helping me reach this goal, adapting my training program and even designing a 10-15 minute every day routine I could do in between sessions. Now, after one year I am happy to say that I have already lost 27 kilograms and I am very confident I will be able to continue losing weight since Sylvie keeps coming up with new ways to increase the intensity of our training sessions! Thank you so much Sylvie!! -Birgit-


If I remember well, I started training with Sylvie at 2010. And I don’t know how she does it, but no lesson was ever the same. There were periods I wasn’t able to join the classes and then I really missed it, so as soon I was able again I came back. My body is always very happy after training with her 🙂 and my mind very relaxed. I feel energized and strengthened after her classes. Her lessons have a very positive vibe, there is nice music, a relaxed atmosphere and there are all kind of woman. There is respect for everybody’s limitations and at the same time it is very motivating to explore what is possible. Sylvie has the talent to motivate everybody to improve in a very cheerful way. And afterwords I feel I have muscles I didn’t even know that they exist! -Deborah-


Feedback after a detox weekend:

“I have followed a detox weekend and I am very pleased about that. In advance we got some advice how to prepare for this weekend. Both days (Saturday and Sunday) we came together in the afternoon for exercises, relaxation and exchange of experiences. On Sunday, we could eat some food again and partly due to the recipe of the Kitchari, a rice dish from the Ayurvedic cuisine, the meal was on Sunday… pure enjoyment. This weekend is a real attraction in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. After this weekend, I really started to eat different and felt much better.” -V.- “When was it last time that you gave a treat to yourself? Try detox weekend! an amazing present for your body.”-O.


Feedback after a retreat at the sea:

“Thanks again for the wonderful weekend retreat! It was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with my own body and meet other interesting women at the same time. Sylvie, you provided useful individual guidance, while also creating a safe and positive group vibe. I thoroughly enjoyed the combination of workouts, relaxing, hotel facilities, good food and company, and of course the dunes.” -Carmen- “I’m still in a state of “relaxed shock” 🙂 It was completely surreal. Two days of rest and suspended time in an idyllic environment, with not one single stressful thing around (hummm, ok, maybe one: the question “Will I be able to raise my arms again during the last yoga session?”… And a succession of awfully difficult decisions: “should I draw? or go in the swimming pool and enjoy the delicious, delicious bubble bath? or go and have a walk in the forest? Oooooh choices, choices, choices, that was really difficult! I looooooooved it” -Gwen


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